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Client Testimonials

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"I had to pick up some things at the Bi-Lo on Brainerd Road. I was crossing the street to catch the bus home, when I got hit by a car. The nurse at the hospital said she smelled alcohol, so the insurance company refused to pay. But I hadn't been drinking. I called Warren & Griffin and they proved that the smell came from a bottle of mouthwash that was crushed in the accident. Not only did they get the hospital paid, they got me $750,000 without even going to court."

Warren and Griffin | Testimonial | Car Wreck at Bi-Lo: October 2014

"It was a beautiful Saturday morning, our business had been crazy that week so we decided to hop on the bikes and take a ride to the lake. The only thing I can remember is this woman crossing the yellow line and hitting my husband head on. She was texting! I was out of work so long, we nearly lost our business. The insurance company was not going to give us a dime, until we called Warren & Griffin. After a $1,600,000 settlement, I'm back at work, with plans for expansion."

Warren and Griffin | Testimonial | Motorcycle Wreck: October 2014

"We were on vacation, passing through Atlanta, when we were involved in an accident and my husband was killed. Our family was devastated. And then the insurance company tried to say it was his fault and refused to pay. I called Warren & Griffin and the insurance company offered the policy limit of $1,000,000. Our lives will never be the same, but thanks to Warren & Griffin, I can rest easier knowing our children can go to college.

Warren and Griffin | Testimonial | Atlanta Car Wreck: October 2015